The Company VAM Tanos Pumps was founded as a private company in 1955, concentrating in the construction of electromechanical projects.

VAM Tanos Pumps gained the Legal Authorization from the Ministry of Industry to expand in building aerial electrical networks for military and civilian services as well as constructing diesel and electric pumping stations.

Since 1965 VAM Tanos has been a mechanical equipment manufacturer and service provider with a high volume scale production. One of the construction activity has been drilling with two rigs of its own.

VAM Tanos has had long term cooperation with working partners around the world. VAM Tanos bought the rights, license, and know how from VEB KOMBINAT PUMPEN UND VERDICHTER in 1986. Subsequently, VEB KOMBINAT PUMPEN UND VERDICHTER was bought by KSB after 1990. It was later closed.

VAM Tanos is one of the few factories which has the legal rights to manufacture these pump series.

In addition, there are long term standing agreements which led to technology transfer and procurement from other American firms as well.